Serbian Teen English Student Shares Insights

Tatjana Petkovic, the Serbian National Franchisor, is proud of their unique new marketing tool: a one-page magazine highlighting the achievements of their teens who have something interesting to share about themselves— in English!

The third article is written by Bogdan, a 13-year-old Teen English student who gives us some insights on what it is like to be a teenager. Bogdan writes about his family, school and what he likes to do in his free time.

I was born on the 9th March 2000 in Novi Sad, and I live in Becej. This year I am 13 and I am a teenager.

Is it much different being a teenager?


The limits have changed.

There are more chores for a teenager: mowing the lawn, taking care of younger sister, cleaning your room. However, look on the bright side -going to bed later, being out late, going out without adults. Parents do not tell you how to behave or what to do. They expect you to know.  Punishment is hideous – no gadgets for a period of time.


Like all teenagers I don’t like school and I hate homework. That is why my Helen Doron classes are cool. There is not much homework to do. Just lots of fun! Now you dare to cheat on the test, or even to skip school. You quarrel with your friends.


Teenagers play video games or watch TV. Sometimes they go out with friends or a girlfriend. But you don’t go to the playground. You go for a walk or to the theatre and if there is a cinema in your town you can go there. Teenagers wear jeans, baggy trousers and clothes that are cool for them. Teenagers listen to rap or rock and pop music.

The answer to the question from the beginning of this story is: Yes, it is! The life of a teenager is much different than the life of a younger boy.