SUCCESS! Trinajstics from Croatia Praise Helen Doron English

Trinajstic family from Croatia 528px

The Trinajastics from Zagreb, Croatia are another thrilled Helen Doron English family. Daria Koceic Trinajstic is an economist and her husband, Andrija is a petroleum engineer and both understand how important knowing good English is in Croatia, and around the world. Therefore, they send both of their sons, Filip who is 8 years old and Karlo 5, to Helen Doron English classes.

Language-learning is a family activity, and they primarily speak Croatian at home, “but occasionally we speak in English or sometimes have brief conversations in Italian. We feel that English is absolutely essential today, along with at least one other foreign language.”

Daria reports that her older son was initially enrolled in Helen Doron three years ago, as the learning centre is close to their home, but he enjoyed it so much and learned so quickly that they decided to have him continue there, and enrolled their younger son, as well. “We found the Helen Doron lessons to be both creative and relaxed. We are pleased with the classes and both of our children have shown progress which we see at school, and also their ability to easily communicate with English-speaking friends.”

Daria reflects that both her sons look forward to attending and especially enjoy the holiday activities. “Our children enjoy attending classes, and are especially fond of occasional extra activities, such as Halloween workshops, Easter egg hunt etc.”

The proud mom concluded, “We look forward to another fun year at Helen Doron and I recommend it to everyone since both our sons love attending, their English is notably improving and they just love the activities and music.”
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