SUCCESS! Sharing and Friendship While Learning English 

Bojana Vasiljević1200x62824-year-old Bojana studied English language and literature at the University of Banjaluka in in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The enthusiastic Helen Doron teacher’s husband is a mechanical engineer and the couple speaks Serbian at home. It was actually her husband who discovered Helen Doron for her. “He found the ad on the web, about an English centre searching for a teacher. I did some research on the internet about Helen Doron and I was thrilled about how the unique method taught children to learn English.”

Now a full-time Helen Doron English teacher, Bojana happily teaches several classes of children ranging from age 3 to 8. “These children achieved great results in learning English. They started addressing me in English on their own, without me asking for it, which brings me great joy. They love coming to class, and their English has greatly improved.”

Bojana finds the Helen Doron methodology very different from the way English is taught in schools in her country. “Students have the freedom to express themselves in English without fearing that they will make a mistake. They have the opportunity to see and touch what they are learning, while having a lot of fun!  In contrast, our schools teach English through means of translation and reading and learning vocabulary by heart, and not through experience.

I tell parents who are looking into signing their children up for classes that it is a great choice to send their children to Helen Doron English, because children don’t just learn English at our centre, but also the importance of sharing and friendship.”

For anyone considering a career as a Helen Doron English teacher, Bojana wholeheartedly recommends her career choice.  “‘Go for it!’ It is totally worth it. What you get from it is so precious. The moments you have with those children is something you won’t get at another job. Every class is different, even though you have the same lesson plan, because every group of children is different. The point is, you never get bored and start to hate your job; you only start to love it even more. I love working at the Helen Doron Venter in Banjaluka. It really is a great experience and I hope to continue working here as long as I can.”

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