SUCCESS! Deljkovic Family from Sarajevo

Success-Sarajavo528pxSarajevo psychologist Alma Deljkovic and her husband Bakir, who is in the marketing department of Coca Cola, are the proud parents of two daughters: Amal, 7 and Emine, 2.

After attending their first demo class together, both mother and daughter were convinced they were in the right place. “We chose Helen Doron because after researching, it was the only language school in Bosnia & Herzegovina using creative and innovative methods for learning. Amal is a very creative kid, and I knew that she would love the fun and natural methodology. We went together to the demonstration class and she was so happy, she liked it very much from the very first moment.”

Alma told us about her very positive experience with her daughter’s Helen Doron English classes.  “Amal has been attending Helen Doron English classes for 4 years now, starting when she was 3-and-a -half.  Her teacher Dzenana was very committed and full of understanding for all kids in the group, most of whom were almost the same age as my daughter. She handled them so nicely that slowly they started to follow her with full attention. After the initial 6 months, the kids became a very tight group and my daughter decided that, from that moment on, she didn’t need my presence in the class anymore. In my opinion, this was a most significant moment– the methodology allows each child a time and a space to position themselves as individuals within the group and fully accept their teacher and the learning process.”

Alma enthusiastically continued, “At Helen Doron they understand that that through creative educational methods, each child can learn and adopt new things without pressure. Everyone can find something for themselves. After every class, on each child’s face you can see joy, happiness and fun, but also you can hear what they have learned.

After only two years of English classes, not only my husband and I as her parents, but even our friends, noticed that Amal was very successful in using the English language in her everyday life. Our mother language is Bosnian and, trust me when I say it, it doesn’t have anything in common with the English language at all! Amal is so confident in her knowledge of the English language that she uses it on a regular basis.  After hearing how quickly and how well she learned English, all our friends registered their kids for Helen Doron classes.

Now after 4 years of Helen Doron classes, Amal still finds them interesting, fun and useful. Now, we have a great group. Our teacher Dzenana still has the same commitment, will and energy to teach and to lead the group.  The good thing is that they learn English through different, very creative methods.”

Amal concluded, “My husband and I know that, today, speaking English is mandatory. Wherever you go in the world, you need to know English to be able to communicate with people. That was our leading thought all the time.

Now, when I look back on our decision to sign Amal up for Helen Doron classes, I can say that it was a very good decision with many benefits for our child and we plan on enrolling our younger daughter, as well. I would like to express, in the name of all parents from our group, gratitude to our teacher Dzenana Colic and her great effort, energy,  creativity and kindness that she gives to our kids.“




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