SUCCESS! Daughters Have the Freedom to Communicate Anywhere

Aware of the benefits of early language learning, proud Croatian parents Marina and Leonard started their two daughters, Ana (4) and Maria (2) in Helen Doron classes when they were babies, and are thrilled that they did!

“Both of the girls are very happy to come to Helen Doron classes at the Lendava, Slovenia Learning Studio where they enjoy the activities, and love to dance, sing and play with the teacher and the other kids. Even when they are at home, they play that they are in English class! Ana’s English is much better than her school classmates, as she has correct pronunciation and a good vocabulary. Both girls are very proud of their English progress and like to talk to everyone about their Helen Doron teacher, friends from class and fun activities.”

Marina, who wishes she had a better command of the English language, explains why she insisted on sending her children at such a young age. “If you are good in English, you will have more self-confidence in school and qualify for student exchange programmes. Adults with good English do better in global business settings and from my personal experience, the best job positions are reserved for people who are fluent in English.”

Why Helen Doron and not one of their competitors? “Helen Doron is designed for children from when they are babies, when the brain is like a sponge and it is easy to learn. The courses are fun and full of songs and activities for children and they learn English like a mother tongue, first learning vocabulary they use in daily conversation, and later learning writing is easy, as they already know the words.” The family also uses the wide variety of Helen Doron educational apps at home, and appreciates all of the tools provided.

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