SUCCESS! Ruzsics Family from Hungary/Slovenia

The Ruzsics family lives in Zala County, Hungary, close to both the Slovenian and Austrian borders. Milán is an economist, who works in his family’s hotel and children’s camp and his wife, Dr. Ildikó Héjja, is a lawyer. They have 3 children: Dorka, 6, Gergő, 3, and baby Bálint who was just born on April 1, 2016. According to Milán, Bálint will also be joining his siblings, both of whom are Helen Doron students.

The closest Helen Doron Learning Centre is in Lendava, Slovenia, so the children regularly cross country borders to attend classes. Dorka started learning English at Helen Doron in 2011, and her brother Gergő started in 2014.

Milan noted that the area they live in is bilingual, and some of the children Dorka plays with don’t speak Hungarian, but thanks to her Helen Doron English classes, she is able to converse with them in English. He explained, “She has very good pronounciation, knows a lot of words and can communicate clearly in English in many different situations. My daughter’s skills are amazing and her teacher, Doris, is excellent. The way English is taught, the system, the books and the songs are unique and full of innovation. It is essential that our children know good English, as is spoken all over the world and is a tool for success. ”

What do Dorka and Gergő’s parents find is different about Helen Doron classes as compared to other English programmes? “My children enjoy the classes and make new friends. It is not boring, the children have fun and play – and my daughter likes cooking or making lemonade or playing games and during that time she is learning English naturally. Another major advantage is the early start – courses are available for babies and little children, no writing or reading is necessary. Dorka is only 6 years old but her knowledge is huge. She speaks English like a 10 year old.”

The proud father has a message for parents who are considering Helen Doron English classes for their own children. “It is a good opportunity for our children – so I recommend Helen Doron courses to all parents. Nowadays children take part in many extra lessons and courses after kindergarten or school, from music to sport, but I prefer Helen Doron lessons because the learning is easy. My only task is to play back the CD every day in the car or at home. My children listen and it is very efficient. No homework or long exercises and the children love it. They are having fun learning to speak English and it is a window to the world.”