Record Growth in Asian Markets Predicted for Helen Doron Educational Group

Demand for highest quality English programmes for children sparks growth for the Helen Doron Educational Group in Asia.

Helen Doron English, the company’s flagship franchise, has experienced tremendous growth during 2015. With exceptional expansion of nearly 100% in certain areas of the company’s Asian sector, the company welcomed new Master Franchisors Mrs. Yan Lu (Vivian) in Suzhou, China, and this month welcomes Mr. Ying Derek Liao, in Chongqing, China to meet the escalating need.

Nadav Weissler, Helen Doron Ltd. Business Development Manager for Asia reports that demand for high quality English courses for children to supplement existing school English programmes, as well as preschoolers looking to become bilingual, fuel Helen Doron English’s impressive growth. “The number of Learning Centres in China has grown by 30%, student numbers have increased by 25% and we are beginning to see tremendous growth for 2016, bringing in additional provinces with the potential to reach countless new customers.”

Entrepreneurs report that the Helen Doron Franchise model is profitable and innovative.

Ray (Wang Pengcheng), Ningbo area manager remarks, “I started working in the children’s education industry in 2006 and joined the Helen Doron Company in 2012. I realized that this was the most well-developed educational system I had ever seen. Helen Doron English offers very detailed and systematic teaching materials and teacher guides, so all lessons can be taught in a comparatively consistent way, no matter who teaches the course. Such stability and standardization is key to educational franchising.”

New Master Franchisor, Derek Ying Liao explains, “Franchising with Helen Doron provides a unique Master Franchisor business model that offers me exclusive rights to my area and the flexibility to offer the best product.“ New Learning Centre Franchisee, Janney Wang, Hangzhou area concurs, “Helen Doron English is an international brand and has rising potential in China.”

Anne Gordon, Vice President Customer Business Development concurs, “Our expansion potential throughout Asia is significant. We understand market demand, have added a branch Head Office in Asia, refined the business model and made pedagogic adjustments so our programmes meet the specific needs of this market. This, along with our many years of pedagogic innovation and franchise knowledge has fuelled our expansion efforts. “

“Growth in South Korea has been significant,” reports Benaya Doron, CEO, Helen Doron, South Korea. “We have two new Helen Doron Kindergarten Learning Centres in Ilsan and Dongtan to meet our growing needs and we are looking to franchise these Learning Centres. In addition, we teach a specially tailored English course in 40 Homeplus megamall locations around the country.  Cooperation with Homeplus has enabled us to extend our reach across South Korea and substantially grow our brand recognition.”

Founder and CEO, Helen Doron, believes that there is strong potential for growth throughout Asia.  She adds, “We are looking to expand and strengthen our presence in China, Thailand and South Korea, while penetrating additional Asian countries such as Japan and Vietnam.”

Helen Doron Educational Group was founded by scientific linguist Helen Doron in 1985, when she set about creating her own teaching materials and music to help children understand and speak English.  Doron commented, “Over the past 30 years my team and I have gleaned much about how children learn. We are able to apply this understanding to our unique approach — learning through positive reinforcement, repetition, learning made fun, using a lot of music— which is a basis for all our programmes. Each programme has its own unique principles that bring the Helen Doron methodology to life. These programmes resonate with children worldwide and our franchise models have proven successful across cultures and nations.”