Helen Doron Releases “Christmas is a Time to Shine” for the 2015 Holiday Season

Known for a unique teaching methodology which incorporates music into virtually every English class for children from 3 months of age to 19 years, Helen Doron ushers in the holiday season with a new and original song, Christmas is a Time to Shine. The second annual Christmas song, written and performed by recording artist Ella Doron, the voice behind many of the hundreds of original songs sung by Helen Doron English students, Ella explains there is an important message beyond the catchy tune and engaging, easy to sing along with, lyrics. “This year’s Christmas song, Christmas is a Time to Shine, brings the message that the holiday season is a time to appreciate our family, our friends…everything that we are blessed with in our lives.”

Ella hopes to bring this message to our 130,000 Helen Doron students in 35 countries, family and friends that we should think about others. She continues, “The concept is to take all the love and togetherness we have with our family and friends, to realise how fortune we are, appreciate out time together, and in this time of closeness to remember the others around us- people who have less or are lonely and to project that love and light to everyone around us.” The song is meant to remind us that this attention and care must extend to the animals, nature and the world around us.”

Last year, Helen Doron English released the first holiday song, also composed and performed by Ella Doron, which can be enjoyed on YouTube here. . These songs are part of a new tradition at Helen Doron and that we can expect this tradition to continue next year and the years after that. This year’s new song, along with last year’s Christmas song are meant to be played in Helen Doron English Learning Centres and classrooms.

Find and enjoy the 2014 Holiday song and the 2015 Holiday song here.

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