Franchisee Combines Quality Family Time with a Career that Counts

Kay (Poranee Phureesitr), Helen Doron English franchisee, was recently interviewed in her impressive Learning Centre, located in Central Plaza Grand Rama 9, Bangkok, Thailand. Kay proudly relates her personal evolution from American-trained IT Specialist to Helen Doron English teacher and Learning Centre Franchisee.

“I originally found out about Helen Doron as I tried to teach my son Karn, who was 3 years old at the time, English myself at home and he protested and rejected any attempts I made. So, I searched online for English classes and found there was a Helen Doron learning centre not far from my house. I took him to a demo class and since then, Helen Doron has become an important part of our lives. We were so impressed by the method—how well it works and how much fun the kids enrolled in the classes were having!”

Kay continues her story, relating her son’s present-day successes. “Karn is now 10 years old and he speaks English very well. We go abroad quite frequently, as we have many friends and relatives overseas, and he knows how to ask for directions and comfortably order in a restaurant. It is really wonderful. The programme is fast and systematic and it works. It is very effective. He enjoys the classes and looks forward to going. “

The birth of Kay’s second child compelled her to do some soul-searching, which lead to some permanent career decisions. “When my daughter Nat was born, I quit my job as an IT Consultant, as I decided to be a full-time mom and I was away from home too much. When she was old enough to go to school I was contemplating going back to work in my profession, but decided I needed something more flexible that would allow me to be home to spend more time with my family. So, I gave a lot of thought to opening my own business based on something I really enjoy doing. I realized I enjoy being with children, others as well as my own, so teaching made sense. Now both my son and daughter, 10 years old and 5 years old, are Helen Doron English students and both speak fluently.”

Kay explained how she learned to speak English so fluently and what led her to become part of the Helen Doron network. “I learned from a private foreign teacher who played with me and we listened to music together. Like the Helen Doron method, I learned through playing games and having fun. When studying in the United States at Duke University in North Carolina, I volunteered teaching computer to underprivileged children, and found I really enjoyed working with kids. Thinking about my experience there, I realized that teaching could be a good career move for me. So, I decided to take the training to become a Helen Doron English teacher as I wanted to teach, and also became a Learning Centre Franchisee.   After only 2 years we have 110 students and I love what I do. I would like to see our Learning Centre grow and progress and eventually include Teen English as our students get older.”

“I am grateful to my parents for their foreseeing how important English would be for me in the long run. English had always been my favourite subject since I was young and I believe it played an important role to help me get a scholarship to study aboard, to find good jobs and gain great experience working overseas. And now I feel fulfilled every time I teach English to my young students, as I know what I do today will be the foundation upon which they build their future.”

She went on to enthuse about her homeland and extend a warm invitation, “Thailand has a lot to offer to overseas visitors. The people are wonderful, as is the food and the scenery. Anyone who visits from Helen Doron around the world is invited to visit and we hope to see you all here!”

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