Helen Doron English Meets Global Demand Preparing for Back to School

Helen Doron the leader in English as a Second Language franchising readies to meet global growth in the educational franchising sector.

When the last shipment of Helen Doron English supplies for the 2016-2017 school year has been sent, over one million back-to-school supplies will reach Helen Doron English students from 36 countries across 5 continents. More than 150,000 student learning sets, filled with backpacks, books and CDs will have been wrapped, sorted, packaged and labelled to meet the demand. The company forecasts a 10% growth in student numbers since last summer’s shipments.

“What began in 1985 as a small business stocked with home-made materials has grown to a full-scale warehouse operation that meets the pedagogic needs of the company’s 90 Master Franchisors, 900 franchisees and 4000 active teachers,” Judith Pelli, Chief Operations Officer, remarks. The warehouse accommodates all the educational items used in Helen Doron English’s extensive curriculum including books and workbooks filled with original augmented reality that supplement our exclusive apps.”

The warehouse’s broad inventory contains props, dolls, flashcards, CDs and DVDs filled with original and innovative songs and stories to supplement a rich and varied educational curriculum for students, ages 3 months to 19 years. The home-based business has grown into a global leader with a reputation for innovation and excellence.

“Helen Doron has added France to its list of franchised countries and continues to expand throughout Asia,” adds Anne Gordon, Vice President of Customer Business Development. “The growing demand for high quality English courses for children to supplement existing school English programmes, as well as pre-schoolers looking to become bilingual, continue to fuel Helen Doron English’s impressive growth.”

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About the Helen Doron Educational Group

The Helen Doron Educational Group stands at the forefront of innovative educational systems, providing exclusive learning programmes and quality educational materials for babies, children and adolescents the world over since 1985. The company’s flagship franchise, Helen Doron English, along with Helen Doron Kindergarten, MathRiders, Ready Steady Move! franchises today encompass almost 900 learning centres in over 36 countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Today, more than two million children have learnt with the unique Helen Doron methodology.

The Helen Doron Educational Group invites entrepreneurs to join a successful business operation that benefits children around the world. Visit us at www.helendoron.com.