Helen Doron English Maps Successful Growth in Asia

hde-maps-successful-growth-in-asiaHelen Doron English responds to high demand for English language courses for children in China, South Korea and Thailand

From August 29 – 31, 2016 more than 50 Helen Doron franchisees met together in Kunming, China with Helen Doron corporate leadership to discuss franchising expansion and programme development in Asia. A strong demand for high-quality English courses for children to supplement existing school English programmes, as well as parents of pre-schoolers realizing the importance of bilingualism for their children, fuels Helen Doron English’s impressive growth.

Throughout 2016, Helen Doron English franchises in Asia continue to experience substantial growth with expansion in some areas reaching 100%. China has doubled its regional growth with steady increases in student numbers. South Korea has also seen student numbers grow an additional 50%. This profitable and innovative franchise model has not only expanded the number of English Learning Centre sites in Asia but has created cooperative partnerships with mega-malls in South Korea, with plans for internet TV networks in China and with companies that provide one-stop shopping for educational apps and online activities.

“We have only hit the tip of the iceberg for our expansion in China and South Korea,” remarks Anne Gordon, Vice President Customer Business Development for Helen Doron Group. “We understand market demand, have added a branch Head Office in Asia, refined the business model and made pedagogic adjustments so our programmes meet the specific needs of our China, South Korea and Thailand markets. We are currently in discussions regarding potential investors and local strategic partners and are open to discussing additional cooperative partnerships.” Gordon continues, “I believe that this wave of growth in China and South Korea can expand throughout Asia. While we expand and strengthen our presence in China, Thailand and South Korea, we anticipate penetrating additional Asian countries such as Japan and Vietnam.”

Helen Doron English offers an array of pedagogically developed original products and includes digital content available for broadcast, apps and online websites. An online games portal, more than 800 original songs, videos and unique educational apps for smartphone and tablets have helped more than 2 million children worldwide learn to speak English. These products introduce augmented reality technology where 2-dimensional characters come alive to teach grammar, speaking, reading and writing through fun and play.

Helen Doron Educational Group was founded by scientific linguist Helen Doron in 1985, when she set about creating her own teaching materials and music to help children understand and speak English.  Doron summarizes, “Over the past 30 years my team and I have gleaned much about how children learn. We are able to apply this understanding to our unique approach — learning through positive reinforcement, repetition, learning made fun, using a lot of music— which is a basis for all our programmes. Each programme has its own unique principles that bring the Helen Doron methodology to life. These programmes resonate with children worldwide and our franchise models have proven successful across cultures and nations.

About the Helen Doron Educational Group

The Helen Doron Educational Group stands at the forefront of innovative educational systems, providing exclusive learning programmes and quality educational materials for babies, children and adolescents the world over since 1985. The company’s flagship franchise, Helen Doron English, along with Helen Doron Kindergarten, MathRiders, Ready Steady Move! franchises today encompass almost 900 learning centres in over 36 countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Today, more than two million children have learnt with the unique Helen Doron methodology.

The Helen Doron Educational Group invites entrepreneurs to join a successful business operation that benefits children around the world. Visit us at www.helendorongroup.com.