Helen Doron Educational Franchise Upgrades Kangi Club Site

Have you tried out the new games on the redesigned Kangi Club games site yet? Make sure the two-12 year olds in your life don’t miss out on this enriching educational experience, which makes English for children a fun and natural experience!

The redesigned Kangi Club, www.kangiclub.com is an English language, multimedia educational site for children, provided by Helen Doron Early English. “Let’s learn English with fun, games and a kangaroo!” is the theme throughout the enhanced site.

The unique games portal is accessible to registered Helen Doron students internationally, as well as non-registered students of school age who are interested in learning or improving their spoken English for kids. Children all over the world can enjoy learning English with Kangi the kangaroo and friends—with dozens of free games available to children anywhere.

Originally created to complement lessons at Helen Doron English for ages two (with parental assistance) up through age 12, Kangi Club includes new, course-specific features to help students get even more from their Helen Doron English courses.

“The Kangi Club site upgrade was initiated to make the content more interactive and more directly related to the course content.” commented the organization’s multimedia expert, Noam Carmel. “To do this, we’ve kept the familiar Kangi games and added a host of new features. These new applications are available for Helen Doron English students and are accessed with the login password they receive in class. Helen Doron English students have exclusive access to the new ‘Personal Zone’ which contains new applications specially designed to reinforce the material learnt in Helen Doron English lessons. The applications: the Dictionary, Music Centre and Online Art Creator, present material based on each student’s specific coursework.”

Want to know more about the “Personal Zone” for Helen Doron English students?


The Personal Zone
with exclusive activities for children has been added to the Kangi Club website. Each child receives a username and password to access this area of the site.Once logged in, students can access the Online Picture Dictionary, the Art Application, and the Music Centre*. These activity centres are based on the material children learn in class. If you have more than one child in a Helen Doron English course, make sure that each one logs in with her own password.
 Helen Doron English Kangi Club Personal Zone
The Online Picture Dictionary
uses pictures and audio recordings of the classroom vocabulary to help young learners remember the English words he is learning in class and on the DVDs.The Art Application 
lets young English students create pictures based on their classroom lessons. There is even a bonus—pictures can be emailed to family and friends!
 Helen Doron English Kangi Club Online Picture Dictionary
The Music Centre*
is an audio library of the songs Helen Doron English students learn in class. Use it to sing along at home.
 Helen Doron English Kangi Club Music Centre 
Young English students love playing games based on Didi the Dragon, Fun with Flupe and other favourite Helen Doron English characters—all while strengthening English skills.
 Helen Doron English Kangi Club Games for Children

Future plans for the Kangi Club include new game development and other activity applications to coincide with new Helen Doron English programmes.

*The Music Centre is not active in all countries. Ask your local Learning Centre Director.


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