Ella Doron a Big Hit in Poland!

Ella, with her guitarist and collaborator, Idan Schneor, captivated students and parents in a recent 3-day whirlwind tour.

All agreed that Ella’s three-day concert tour to Warsaw, Pila and Zielona Gora in mid-June was an overwhelming success. Ella and her guitarist, Idan, performed as part of end-of-year Helen Doron English gala celebrations to audiences in fully packed halls ranging from 300 to 3000 seats.

The shows were alive with songs, energy and excitement. Ella absolutely connected with her audiences to create a lively emotional connection at every performance.

Each of the three hosting Learning Centres sponsored one afternoon show for kids and parents and an additional evening show for teens and adults, featuring songs from her new album, Ella vs Mountain. Ella’s afternoon shows really brought the Helen Doron English songs to life. The children really got into it – they crowded the stage and danced and sang along to the music.

Here’s Ella, describing the kids’ show in Zielona Gora: “When Idan and I went on the beautiful big stage in front of those 300 people, we were amazed to be enveloped by a very loving and attentive crowd. They really listened to the music, clapped and participated and we had an amazing show. After that we met, signed and took pictures with so many people we lost count.”

The evening events were played to full crowds, and both the audiences and performers had a great time. Obviously there was a very different atmosphere than at the kids’ shows. Ella is a polished and adaptable performer, able to connect to any audience.

Dorota Tereszczuk, the Helen Doron English Master Franchisor in Warsaw said, “Ella is a star, she is amazing, both for children and adults!”

Ewa Pilarczyk in Zielona Gora described the whole event as a complete success.

There is no doubt that the Ella and Idan concert tour brought the Helen Doron songs alive for parents and children in Poland. Their tour will be remembered as a brilliant promotional event well worth the time, effort and funds that went into it.